Monday, March 15, 2010

My "screed" will be on e-book format; it's time for Hollywood to take up "don't ask don't tell", for real

Well, I’ve arranged for my “screed” (originally published in 1997, put into print-on-demand in 2000) to be available in eBook formats in the near future.

I realize that my three non-fiction books are “old”, the latest being 2002.

The focus now is on a novel and on screenplays, and, yes, I’m serious about marketing the “Do Ask Do Tell” concept to the movies. I can’t be real specific in this post, but more should be coming out about it this spring. But just think about recent history: the recent flap about gay rights in Virginia, the recent interest in lifting “don’t ask don’t tell”, and look at what won academy awards this time around at the Oscars. Now’s the time for the “establishment” motion picture industry to treat the subject seriously. (I know; there have been indie films and TV films like "Serving in Silence" and "Soldier's Girl"). And make it “2.35:1”.

The novel involves a married-with-kids CIA agent befriending a gay college student in ROTC, getting serious about satisfying a longing for a different kind of love while tracking down a new epidemic that seems to be preparing the way for a religious solution, making the “beyond” finally very public and beyond official denial.

I don’t usually blog about dreams, but last night’s (just before dawn, EDT) was a humdinger, like a movie script. I was being run through constant auditions in a “synecdoche” set up on another planet, as authorities decided what “life role” I was going to fit in to. I was being transformed for different roles in the way an actor would be. The dream picked up outside, and I saw a Long Island Railroad train. Perhaps I was influenced by all the reports of the Nor’easter. But dreams throw different threads together.

Picture: Millington, MD. I fell behind on a bicycle hike from here in 1992, and a “Good Samaritan” with a truck brought me back to the starting point where we were having dinner.

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