Sunday, January 31, 2010

Most of BitTorrent use seems related to copyright infringement (Princeton study)

Jacqui Cheng has an interesting report on Ars Technica Jan. 29 about Bit Torrent. Specifically, “Bit Torrent consensus: About 99% of files copyright infringing,” link here.

Nearly half of the files studied by a Princeton student, Sauhard Sahi were “non pornographic” movies and TV shows. That’s a bit surprisingly, maybe, because most networks offer most episodes of their primetime shows available for “free” Internet “anytime” viewing – you just have to sit through the commercials, too (just like you would on TV).

The article also points out that a record industry fear has not born out: P2P users can share DRM-free MP3 files easier than ever, but these have become a small part of BitTorrent sharing, which often mislabels its files.

There’s another report on the Princeton study on the “Freedom to Tinker” website by Ed Felten, here.

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