Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Those Mommy Blogs -- they stay light on politics

WJLA, the local ABC affiliate in Washington (Arlington VA) talked about the way parents rapidly get computer literate because of their kids today, with 48% having learned texting from their kids. Actually, parents in their 30’s today were in high school when mainframe was in vogue and the switch to client-server and PC’s in the workplace was just starting, so none of that should be too surprising.

The report went on to discuss Mommy blogs. It seems that Heather Armstrong’s “” has some competition. The station mentioned “21st Century Housewife” which is on Blogger here. But there is another site called “21st Century Housewife” ("The Life and Times of the 21st Century Housewife")which has its own blog but seems to be completely different. Sounds like a treatment for a documentary indie film, maybe good for AFI Silverdocs! I say, go for it.

It seems that blogs about blogging (meta-blogs) can be challenging, as are blogs about political and social thought. Many of us men are not very domesticated.

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