Saturday, November 07, 2009

EFF to have panel forum on the future of DVD's

Although I’m still on the East Coast and cannot attend this, I’m paying more attention to goings on elsewhere, as my future could well hit the road again at some point.

Here’s an important event: Electronic Frontier Foundation’s “Future of DVD Panel and Happy Hour” on Monday November 9 in San Francisco at the Varnish Gallery. The link for the press release is here. There will be a lot of discussion of ripping, personal backups, and the difficulties in playing DVD’s sold in one region of the world in another. There is a lot in the practice of DVD manufacture that contradicts normal concepts of “fair use” and “first sale” doctrines in the law.

Yet, Wall Street and others say that companies like Netflix will probably move from a DVD rental even more to an Internet watching model, raising even more questions about copy protection, network neutrality, bandwidth use, as well as the technical quality of the entertainment items themselves.
Wikipedia attribution link for NASA picture of San Francisco peninsula.

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