Thursday, November 19, 2009

Check out "" for another approach to the "opposing viewpoints" concept

Before, on the books blog, I’ve talked about the “Opposing Viewpoints” series of books and the concept. There is a website, called “ProCon”, with a similar concept, with this link. I heard about this site on the car radio, PBS classical music station WETA, while driving out of Tysons Corner today. ProCon is a 501(c)(3).

The site has a number of divisions, including Business, Health & Medicine, Law, Politics, and Sex & Gender. Each division has a number of “core questions” that are presented with a one-minute overview, and ten top pro-cons. One of the questions is “Is sexual orientation determined at birth?” There are separate subordinate questions, like “should federal law protect people from job discrimination based on their sexual orientation?” Each section has Projects, such as a same-sex marriage timeline.

There are many other issues functionally decomposed in this way, such as health care reform and Wall Street bailouts.

The site has a subsection for teachers and librarians, and a key aim is to stimulate critical thinking among high school and college students.

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