Friday, October 02, 2009

Newsweek op-ed says, let the newspapers die: well, not so fast

In the “Tectonic Shifts” feature column in Newsweek, Daniel Lyons has a cutting piece “Don’t bail out newspapers: let them die and get out of the way.”

He has a lot of confidence in getting news on the go on your iPhone or Blackberry, from the most minimalist of sources (even it is about the lives of celebrities like Ashton Kutcher), and I think he probably thinks the model I have for these blogs, and for a number of other news commentary blogs out there will be the way to go – except that we need to find convincing ways to monetize our innovations.

Remember, though, I (as do other bloggers) often depend on “establishment” stories as starting points. We compile and cross reference original material, gathered from “professional sources”, in novel ways to provide attention-getting perspectives. But we can’t replace the newspaper and media companies. We depend on them. So we don’t throw established reporters out of work; we may provide the reason to hire more of them. That’s what “creative destruction” means.

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