Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Protecting your privacy on Facebook can be tricky, even if you don't seek limelight; be careful about the quizzes

Here’s a pretty important article by Tony Bradley of PC World, “Protect Your Privacy on Facebook and Twitter”. MSN-Dell included the link this morning (Sept. 30) here.

Bradley points out that the privacy settings in Facebook tend to create a false sense of security, particularly in the workplace where people are finding out that they can be “Facebook-fired”. There are chain-reaction ways for other users to get to semi-private Facebook posts (even though they did not get picked up by search engines), leading to the spread of rumors in workplaces or dormitories much as they always have in the physical world. There seems to be no way out of playing by the “social rules” of the workplace you are in.

A particular problem seems to be the ways quizzes or games work, which seem to invite the sharing of personal information more than necessary.

So, even though online reputation experts have made a lot of the effect of search engines, there are other issues inherent in the way some social networking sites and Twitter can be used that can trap people not trying to live in the limelight.

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