Tuesday, September 08, 2009

HR world notes FTC rules about blogging

The HR world is starting to take more note on the controversy over blogging policies and the whole subject of “conflict of interest”, partly because the FTC recently announced it would tighten rules for bloggers reporting gifts of payments to cover certain products or services.

The article is by Ed Fauenheim and Rick Bell, is titled “A tighter rein on HR Blogging”, and appears in Workforce Management Online, here. The last section of the article is called “The taming of the blogger.”

But the article covers a lot of territory, and suggests that it is difficult to get into specialty blogging, including Human Resources blogs, given the volume of materials. It’s also difficult to avoid “conflicts of interest” or implied future compromises of confidentiality.

Businesses, however, have been shipshod in looking up job applicants online, sometimes forming bad impressions over incorrectly identified profiles or third party comments from non-credible sources.

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