Saturday, September 19, 2009

Did amateur "citizen journalists" bring down ACORN?

There’s even more on whether “citizen journalists” are somehow twisting the ideals of journalism – while professional, neutral reporters “get laid off in droves.” Look at the story by Mark Bowden, “The Story Behind the Story,” about the reporting on Sotomayor, in the October 2009 Atlantic, here.

And then Tobin Harshaw of the New York TimesWeekend Opinionator weighs in on the fall of ACORN to “amateur filmmakers”, is a piece “ACORN falls, the Web rises,” here (posting by "VertitasVisuals").

Yes, sometimes bloggers or videomasters go out and find people to bust and bring down, and sometimes amateurs “preach to the choir.” But mostly, the collection of “amateur” citizen journalism on the web is a collection of diverse materials with very mixed points of view. There’s no monopoly, and only the best ideas and best presentations take hold, get and keep an audience over time.

Here's another reference on "cereal killer" James O'Keefe, and apparently a "conservative" grassroots here, by Kelly Fincham (link)

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