Friday, August 14, 2009

Trump book case tests libel, journalists' shield law

An AP story on July 17 carries on the “controversy” over Timothy O’Brien’s book, “Trump Nation: The Art of Being Donald” which, Trump says, grossly understated Trump’s net worth. Amazon shows the 2005 book, from Business Plus, available on Kindle.

A New Jersey judge held that O’Brien had not acted maliciously and that the book was not defamatory, and dismissed the suit.

However, earlier stories had tested both New York and New Jersey journalists’ shield laws. New Jersey’s are more inclusive, where as New York’s protect only confidential sources, but earlier a judge had said that New York’s would still apply.

The AP story appeared in the First Amendment Center here. It refers to several important earlier stories about the reporter shield laws.

I guess The Donald now doesn’t limit himself to “You’re fired.” It’s now “you’re served.”

Bring back the original Apprentice. We need to see some more team players (like Troy McClain). I’ve reviewed his “Think Like a Champion” in June 2009 on by books blog and recall his flippant “How to Get Rich”.

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