Saturday, August 15, 2009

The "O.C. East" is over the recession (without my gams)

If traffic on US 50 getting into Ocean City, MD (or near the Bay Bridge, earlier) Saturday is any indication, our country, at least that under “East Coast Law”, is feeling better about recession. There was an immovable and immutable 5 mile backup getting in to the O.C. East at 1 PM Saturday afternoon. The same was true with the bypass to the north on Md 90, which was backed up for seven miles from Highway 113.

But my family made many June trips to Ocean City starting in 1948, and had first visited Bethany Beach in 1947 (one of my first childhood memories). In 1950, before second grade, I came down with the measles while in the O.C.

So I knew some back roads. Route 54, off 113, in Deleware (the Blue Hen State), just barely, takes you to Fenwick, on Rt 1, just north of the OC. No one was on this road, and no one knew this back way.

If you part in a 30 minute space in Rehoboth Beach, there’s not enough time to walk to Queen St, and back.

But today there were “people I knew” in the Ocean City and Bethany. The Atlantic Ocean water is warm enough for hurricanes. No one at Queen St. needed to see my bald gams. Let Jim Carrey show up in his shorts instead for a Truman Show.

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