Sunday, August 09, 2009

Blog into stardom?

Megan K. Scott of the AP has had a couple of postings recently on the idea that “blog stardom is not an easy goal.” The Minneapolis Star Tribune has an article from Aug. 4 giving “5 ways” to stardom, link here. There was a similar but shorter piece in the Sunday DC Examiner on p 13 (the most recent web reference on Examiner is here .

There’s a site called “Problogger” with tips, such as promoting your blog with a giveaway. The most important tip seems to be a unique voice, technique, or point of view that effectively makes your blog a kind of “brand”. A couple of well-branded blogs are “gay patriot” and Andrew Sullivan’s “Daily Dish” Breaking into the “legitimate” or “established” media can be an effective goal of blogging. It does happen.

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