Friday, July 31, 2009

Retail sites use tracking cookies to change actual content for users

Web sites are getting more personal, changing information displayed to visitors based on information from cookies. This is true of site content (for example, consumer ads such as electronics or cars displayed on retail sites) not just ads, according to a New York Times front page article today July 31. It’s titled “Online ads follow web users and get much more personal,” by Stephanie Clifford, link

I must admit, I had seen the Ford Focus that I bought Wednesday waved in front of me quickly by Koons Ford, and merely visiting the site and using the payment calculators (okay, maybe it did ask for email) resulted in emails. Companies are getting very good at tracking down potential customers, especially now, with the desire to push fuel-efficient cars and some kinds of electronics.

In my own knowledge base plans, I don’t expect to track users or alter what users see based on cookies and accumulated information. “Truth is truth” the tautology goes.

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