Friday, July 24, 2009

EFF reports copyright fight over a few seconds of Geller video; "refutation" from "Rational Response"

Electronic Frontier Foundation has an interesting piece on Sapient v. Geller. Brent Sapient, of the “Rational Response Squad”, (link) had included eight seconds of video of one of Uri Geller’s “stunts” in a YouTube video, and was challenged by a DMCA take-down notice by Geller’s group Explorologist, LTD for copyright infringement.

Since the purpose of the excerpt was to provide comment, or even refutation, and since the excerpt was so small, it would sound like “fair use.”

Supposedly the dispute has been settled and Explorologist has agreed to put the material in Creative Commons, but there was a monetary settlement (maybe because of a counter-suit).

The link for the EFF story is here.

Nevertheless, the URL for the video shows that it was removed for a “terms of use” violation. One would expected to see it restored.

A copy of the original court paper is here.

I chuckled at the “Rational Response Squad” (which has a “network of sites”) and its tagline: “Believe in God? We can fix that?”

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