Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Microsoft Offers Search Engine #2: How will "Bing" affect "online reputations"?

OK, we might have a new “number 2” search engine, Bing, from Microsoft. I tried it, and got more or less similar results to number 1. But I like the display of information and sublinks from the webpage on the right, and with Blogger (or presumably Wordpress) pages it will list many of the categories for direct linkage, and on some blogs it seems to list some of the individual posting titles. The search engine can provide many specific tasks, such as checking an airline flight status.

The site does a nice job of capturing videos (including some of mine from a Hamline University speech and subsequent cable program in the Twin Cities in 1998)

What I wonder is how the “reputation defense” crowd will react, and if Microsoft’s product will somehow behave differently and bring up less desirable references first in some cases.

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