Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wiki group challenges Apple on claims of DMCA "circumvention"

The question of whether anti-circumvention provisions in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act can apply to technical discussions on devices comes up as Apple demanded removal of content discussing “some Apple iPods and iPhones interoperate with software other than Apple's own iTunes” from BluWiki, operated by OdioWorks.

The EFF title story is “Wiki Operator Sues Apple Over Bogus Legal Threats: Apple’s Baseless Copyright Claims Squelch Free Speech” link here.

The BluWiki site is here and says it comprises “Websites for the people (people like you!)”. The site appears to be totally non-commercial and to refuse advertising, instead relying on donations. OdioWorks offers website tools for web developers.

EFF maintains that Apple seems to be trying to squash discussions about its products with censorship, when the discussions do not violate copyright or patent laws or disclose trade secrets, and do not themselves circumvent the DMCA or lead to circumvention.

The industry news gadget on the left side of this blog offers stories about Apple, and it may offer this link, from time to time, from PCWorld. The story is titled "Apple Is Sued After Pressuring Open-source ITunes Project," and it is by Robert McMillan, IDG News Service.

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