Monday, April 13, 2009

Washington Times solicits citizen journalism for special daily local series

The Washington Times, on its front page April 13, in a story by Jennifer Harper, announced that it will return to use of “citizen journalism.” The link is here.

The paper will have definite topic areas by day of week, including academia, military, suburban and DC jurisdictions. One page will be devoted each day, and more than one article could occur in a given day. Then general emphasis seems to be local news, with in-person presence and fact checking by the writers. Presumably the articles should be factual in nature and stay away from personal opinions.

I have had several LTE’s published in the Washington Times. The paper has also sometimes published longer Forum pieces on Sundays by non “professionals” about important topics. Generally the paper has a reputation for taking “conservative” positions and running syndicated columns from conservatives, sometimes libertarians.

Apparently as a money-saving measure, The Washington Times eliminated the Saturday print edition during 2008, combining it into Friday's.

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