Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why has USPS removed stamp machines from PO's; how about retail customer service, too?

Does anyone know why some United States Post Offices are no longer maintaining stamp machines, including the ability to buy stamps automatically with credit and debit cards? I was told by employees at one post office in Arlington VA that the machines will not be fixed or replaced, and that they were being removed from all post offices.

I do see that usps.com sells stamps online.

But why make postal customers, those just buying stamps, wait in line behind customers with complicated package transactions? The USPS is going backwards in efficiency.

I notice similar problems in convenience stores. Often there is only one clerk, and customers with simple transactions wait in line behind those buying lottery tickets, cigarettes, or using food stamps. Often enough management doesn’t notice and bother to send up a second clerk. This sort of behavior of retail chains is surprising in a recession. Really, making people with for the privilege of giving you money?

What’s happened to customer service in this economic downturn? It seems to be going down, too.

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