Saturday, March 14, 2009

My blogs now are in "Layout" mode; can show subject-matter labels

On Thursday (March 12), I converted my blogs from Template to Layout format. For the blogger, this means no more adding or positioning of elements of HTML code (which is fine for me, actually, since I spend thirty-plus years in I.T. and might well go out – say, to help with the “bailouts”); rather it’s cutting and pasting of big block elements and gadgets.

My main motivation for doing so was to be able to show all the categories (or labels) on the blog, in Wordpress-like fashion. These will appear on the left frame. I encourage visitors to peruse the labels, where they will find blog postings related by subject matter, often following some particular controversy over time.

I’ve place video links on the TV and movies blogs. I’ve placed news headline links on this and on the Issues blog. I’ve experimented with some other gadgets at the bottom of this blog. I particularly like the "Blogger Play" slide show. I’ve noticed that many user-defined gadgets have errors, and Blogger will not let me add them.

I’m having trouble getting the basic Google search block to come up in the gadgets; I’ve only gotten it added on one blog, the TV reviews. I’ll have to look into this. I do have the HTML code from the old format and could try using that, I guess.

Update: April 12, 2009

I found that, for Google Analytics (connecting to Urchin) to continue working, I had to go into each layout and put back in the tracking codes for each blog (which has its own number), as custom HTML, as a "gadget". The tracking started working again as soon as I did this.

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