Saturday, January 17, 2009

NBC Today: Youtube could offer revenue opportunities for entrepreneurs

Saturday Jan. 18, 2009 on the Today Show , Matt Lauer interviewed Internet business expert Shree Sreenaranashi on the possible business opportunities for amateur filmmakers on YouTube.

The service keeps track of which publishers generate “eyeballs” – lots of visitors watching, and will help the publishers with successful ads, he said. A few people have been commercially successful with a variety of practical videos, including recipes, home repairs, and some fun stuff, especially with pets. The show mentioned dog training, but I wonder about the video “Nora, the Piano Playing Cat”. (Yes, a cat really tries to imitate humans striking piano keys and really makes music, and can actually accompanu Bach.)

Videos on practical topics like cooking have an advantage over commercial broadcasts (like Martha Stewart Living) because visitors can rewind and replay specific steps.

The short report also mentioned “branding” yourself on Youtube.

What’s more interesting is to wonder if politically charged documentary (like about repealing “don’t ask don’t tell”) could generate enough audience to become commercially viable. If it did, investors might notice and it might generate more interest in a studio-made film.

Video posters must be punctilious about respecting copyright law, however.

Here is a story, "YouTube keeps eyeballs on ads:report" (Dec. 18, 2008) about ads and eyeballs on Digital Media, by Natalie Apostolou.

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