Monday, December 08, 2008

"Real News Network" offers a "people's" business model for journalism

I got an email today from “Real News Network” which requests donations of $10 a month as a source of funding. It says that if offers a non-profit media business model which does not depend on advertising sponsors or ratings, so it would offer a more democratic alternative than CNN or BBC, which it says tends to monopolize the 24 hour news services. Perhaps it is a bit like PBS. Unlike AP, for example, it is not owned or subsidized by conventional news organizations.

The organization offers a 7-minute video here,called "The Promise", from Independent World Television (IWT) and it is pretty interesting. It mentions segments called “Skewer”, “Fave-off” and “Politics of Faith”.

Another “peoples” news network with a lot of progressive content is Alternet.

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