Monday, December 29, 2008

"Health 2.0", "Medicine 2.0", and "Patient Centered Medical Home": major new concepts?

There is a new grass roots movement to “democratize” the delivery of health care information with Web 2.0 tools. The movement has become known informally as “Health 2.0”, and a good summary of what it comprises is this wiki. Associated with this concept is “Medicine 2.0”.

So the range of possible applications and services could range from simple diagnosis menus to collaborations, to services by nurses or doctors online.

This can only scratch the surface of the issues that will come up: liability, to start with, and the medical necessity for personal examination and followup tests. It seems to me that the bigger issue, as I noted on my IT blog Friday, is the automation of health care records and the ability of multiple providers to manage and coordinate care with secure, HIPAA-compliant Internet-like applications.

Visitors may want information about the next Health 2.0 conference, in Boston in April 2009, here, on a page called “Health 2.0: User-generated healthcare.”

Then, there is “The Health Care Blog” with an article on Dec. 22 by David Kibbe and Joe Kvedar, “The Connected Medical Home: Health 2.0 says “Hello” to the Medical Home Model,” link here, incorporating the “patient-centered medical home” (PCMH), link here, a concept that grows as the number of patients with chronic illnesses constantly grows with demographics.

All of this needs to fit in to the 2009 health care reform debate.

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