Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Scientology issues 4000 takedown notices under DMCA to YouTube; posters fight back!

Nate Anderson has a major story in Ars Technica about 4000 or more DMCA takedown notices sent to YouTube “critical” of Scientology. The videos ranged from protests in Florida (near Scientology headquarters) to city council hearings in Clearwater, FL (and the city council would control the rights, not Scientology). The group requiring the takedown was apparently the “American Rights Council” and the postings had been made by groups like “Anonymous”.

The story link is here.

Wendy Selzer has a story on EFF’s “Chilling Effects” called “DMCA ‘Repeat Infringers’: Scientology Critics: Account Reinstated After Counter-Notification.” Apparently the poster was known as “Wise Beard Man” and is said to have used the “512 repeat infringers” provision of the DMCA to get reinstated. The Chilling Effects story is here. The Cornell Law School reference to “Limitations on liability relating to material online” is here.

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Unknown said...

The real "chilling effect" to me is that thousands of people are posting other people's intellectual property on Youtube and feel as if they have some sort of God-given right to post anything they want, anywhere on the net, anytime.

The whole stupid "Anonymous" war on Scientology began when Scientology asked that a video THAT THEY OWN be removed from Youtube. It's their video. They have a right to ask that it not be pirated on the net.