Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Online Education Database publishes major online guide index to Internet law topics

On Monday, July 14, the Online Education Database published “The Ultimate Guide to Internet Law: 100 Guides and Resources,” here.

The categories of links are put together in somewhat of an ad hoc manner, with emphasis on certain topics. For example, there is a link for a “Library of Law and Court Decisions” that itself offers a list of narrowly defined topics (copyright, for example). There is an “Internet Law and Regulation” link that offers news in reverse chronological sequence by several well known sources (like Pike & Fischer). There is a link for telecommunications law, and one for the 1997 Communications Decency Act, particularly to deal with the Supreme Court opinion that overturned the censorship portion. I did not see a separate link yet for COPA (the Child Online Protection Act), with which I have been involved as a sub-plaintiff under Electronic Frontier Foundation. There is a link for anti-spam laws.

There is a list of public interest groups like the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. There is a list of intellectual property law resources, such as the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse which can post cease and desist notices and sometimes DMCA takedowns, and other “triggers” . There is also a list of journals (including William and Mary, Yale, Stanford, and Harvard), and of professional legal and technical blogs, including one by Stanford law school professor Lawrence Lessig, as well as a trademark law blog by Martin Scwhimmer.

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