Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Military wives become surrogate mothers: there's more than one spin on it

ABC Good Morning America this morning aired a provocative story about military wives acting as surrogate mothers. The web story is by Susan Donaldson James, “Baby Carriers: Cold Cash or Warm Heart? Military wives can make ideal surrogate mothers,” link here.

The are a couple of different spins one can put on this. One is that, from a libertarian viewpoint, women can do what they want with their bodies. From a practical viewpoint, the practice is common because women are well compensated, often making more than their husbands serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, and are guaranteed pre and post natal care by the military health care system.

The women say that they are doing this to help other (infertile) couples have children. Personally, I wouldn’t accept using my own body for someone else’s purposes or needs this way, but I am a male. Of course, one can say the same thing about offering one’s body in combat for the benefit and safety of others. I did wonder how their husbands feel about it.

Newsweek also had a recent cover story on surrogate motherhood April 7, "Womb for Rent", blog link here.

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