Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Poll worker redux at a primary

I worked the polls in Arlington at the Nov. 2006 election, and that was a bear -- I described it on this blog on Nov. 7.

Today, it was a Democratic Primary in north Arlington, VA with only one race, county treasurer. A fifteen hour day with a myriad of forms, counter tapes, signatures, and envelopes at the end. A slow day, but still 230+ people showed up, a pretty good turnout for one minor candidate (2%). In Arlington, there are not separate primaries by party; any registered voter may vote in any primary.

The sign in process (where a voter number is assigned and marked off) out to be automated so that it tracks automatically to the voting machines and balance automatically. Arlington does not approve of the idea of keeping a paper record of each vote, as the county feels that it could set up situations where fraud could occur with less abled voters. But all voting jurisdictions are still scratching for perfect world solutions after the Florida 2000 fiasco.

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