Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More on progress, and on ad delivery

A couple of progress items. First, I have been working on the database concept for presenting political arguments, and the incidents and bibliographic information that supports these. Right now, they are on Microsoft Access files and the dynamic interface to them at does not work right, so I have placed static HTML copies of what they produce, along with a typical SQL inner join query, at this location.
starting with “args” and following.

I had at one time placed much of this material on another domain with a “Java starter” plan but dropped that when the small ISP did not properly support its java platform or respond to problem tickets. I will be looking into the idea of placing this on SQL Server with a Visual Studio application to access the items.

The recent "/Trends" link on Google does demonstrate a concept that I have been interested in developing: how to "keep the dots connected" on a day-by-day basis.

As I had discussed in an earlier posting, there are several business paradigms in the Internet advertising business, including Adsense, which feeds these pages. I also have a targeted ad from McAfee on this page. I am looking into other targeted ad services.

Recall that an automatic advertising feed assumes a “pluralistic” society, and bases the ad delivery both on the content of the blogs and of what is in the publisher’s profile. An ad module may deliver specific ads that some visitors do not like to see associated with particular material, but this is due to the “pluralism” and a computer module does not make social judgments. Some ads could be placed for services that some visitors do not approve of, but this is simply the nature of the beast.

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