Friday, April 13, 2007

Would Al Gore get to invent the Internet again?

The Associated Press released a story today by Anick Jesdanaun, “Researchers explore Scrapping Internet.” No, this isn’t a story on the Onion, and Al Gore won’t get to reinvent the Internet next time. Researchers claim that the Internet, dating back to DOD projects to get computers to talk to one another in the 60s, was designed under much different assumptions. These included much more fixed locations of computers, land lines, more number crunching, and a much more trustworthy and “professional” customer base. New protocols could address issues like mail and message security or spoofing, spam, misuse of the paradigms, notions of validation and notability guidelines for content. The National Science Foundation already wants to build an experimental network called GENI (Global Environment for Network Innovations). There are estimates suggesting that it could take ten to fifteen years to replace the existing infrastructure with a totally new one, involving new operation systems, browsers, and basic protocols.

The story is on Yahoo!.

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