Friday, March 09, 2007

My own rule on deep links -- OK

There has been an issue with one of my own still photos on I have previously discussed deep linking on this blog.

I welcome links and deep links to any of my blogs or websites, as long as the user knows that she is visiting a different site (that is, a window opens up, either a new window with the "target" parameter, or a replacement window from which the visitor can use the back button). Publishers on other websites, especially social networking sites, profiles and photo albums, should not inline to my site with the src and img parameters to make it appear that a photo is theirs. This has the potential of causing bandwidth or certain other legal issues, and I do believe that this is copyright infringement. (It does seem, however, that, usually, repeated requests for embedded images use browser caching and often do not contribute to bandwidth charges in practice.)

Contact me (info in the profiles) if there is a photo you want. It just depends; maybe I could send it, or direct the visitor how to take a similar one that would belong to the visitor legally.

I don't have a particular concern right now about embedded thumbnails, as displayed by search engines for image searches. They don't seem to represent a real issue, as the way images get displayed, it is clear where they come from.

My earlier posting ond deep linking was in Feb 2006, here.

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