Monday, January 22, 2007

News stories on arrests remain on web

Newspaper and local television station websites typically report arrests of persons in a position of public or custodial trust (such as teachers). Police department websites often make available such arrest announcements. In some cases, charges are dropped, or are adjuicated administratively or non-judicially (somewhat like a military "Article 15") with pseudo "plea agreements" with eventual dropping of charges after the individual completes a period of medical treatment or rehabilitation. Even so, stories of arrests have been remaining on the Internet, easy for prospective employers (maybe even landlords) to find with search engines. Police departments typically remove such stories but (as I have noticed recently) often they remain available in search engine results and can be downloaded from search engine caches, by anyone looking for background information on the individual. This matter would seem to deserve attention. (Caches can be deleted, as can Internet archive records, when requested.) Should people be penalized when there is no conviction record?

A related story about a civil registry in Ohio (back from September 2006) is on blogger here.

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