Friday, October 13, 2006

About RSS news feeds

In addition to reviewing the “Business 2.0” discussion of blogging,
(that was written up here)

readers may want to check a similar discussion in Tech Republic. The best source seems to be here:
(You may need a subscription.)

Tech Republic advocates self-syndication with a “Really Simple Syndication” feed file.. The webmaster builds a special RDF file (of xml statements) that points to the content, description, and images in your “RSS feed.” Regular visitors can download a variety of ATOM and RSS compatiable newsfeeds, that have to be compatible with the user’s operating system (Mac OS, Linux, or Windows 98 to XP/Vista). (and the Chicago Sun Times) has a particularly effective discussion of website syndication for Ebert’s movie reviews,
at this link:

The most comprehensive discussion of news feed coding is here:

Large commercial news websites typically are configured to allow repeat visitors to configure their space (like My Yahoo!) to receive news feeds from other sites of their choosing (like from Tech Republic). I will look into the feasibility of having my sites offer this. However, An ISP has to configure its hosting service properly for this, allow RDF's files and various feeds. This isn't always possible with shared hosting services.

With my earlier sites, I offered feeds from 7AM news and vibrant media. The companies that offered these feeds stopped offering them free in 2004 and 2005, apparently. But I will look into the possibility of syndicating some of my content as it becomes technically more specific in certain areas. I do offer a lot of direct links to some specific blog files from my other sites.

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