Saturday, September 30, 2006

Reputation intelligence, to protect branding, would look at blogs

Since 2005, there have has been increasing attention to the concept of "reputation intelligence," with would be a service by which a consulting market research company mines the media, including blogs and profiles written by amateur consumers, for the impression that a particular brand is making on the public.

A good example of such a service is Factiva Insignt, web site here.

There is a LookSmart article about this company from Sept 2005 at this link.

Right now Wikipedia has a stub article on this concept.

This concept would seem to comport with the increasing trend for prospective employers to do "background investigations" of applicants on the Internet, mining the web for imporfation about applicants that may give clues as to their temperamental suitability for a job and how a visible employee's own personal reputation could affect a company's brand in some cases.

The HR industry is paying more attention to "rebranding," and in carefully training associates to participate in building a company's brand, especially when a brand's presentation to the public changes. Eric Krell has an article about this "Branding Together" in the Oct 2006 HR Magazine. I can remember that even internal technical employees were invited to "volunteer" at annual sales conferences where I worked back before 2001.

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