Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bill Boushka's Log on Major Internet Issues

Hello, this is Bill Boushka. I am setting up this blog to address a number of technical and legal issues that, over the long run, can affect the freedom of media newbies like me to speak freely on the Internet and other low-cost media that have developed in the past ten years.

We all know that technology has reduced the barrier to entry for persons into finding a readership. The most obvious vehicle is the World Wide Web, but there is also peer-to-peer, desktop publishing, low cost filmmaking, webcasting and many other opportunities. As with any technological change, there will always be concerns that turf and jobs associated with older ways of publishing and distributing media could be affected or eliminated. These concerns could surface with calls for new regulation of the Internet and other media. Conceivably, future regulation (for example, bonding or other accountability requirements) could raise the barrier to entry and keep new persons out.

We have been inundated in the past few years of media reports of the harm done by bad actors. The problems include copyright infringement and piracy, spam, viruses and worms, hacking, identity theft, and the exposure of children to harmful materials (and the abuse of children). More subtle problems include concerns over the effect of the Internet on the fairness of our electoral processes.

On this blog, I would like to explore some of the solutions to these problems, from the dual points of view of protecting the public as well as allowing freedom to the efficient speaker. On this blog, I’m trying to stay away from polarizing issues, such as those that I take up on my free site. This site is about proposing solutions, not just complaining about problems.

I intend to start another blog about retirement issues soon. My blog on "retirement" is at this link.
My blog on safer Internet practices is at

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